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Looking back, it was probably simpler when you finished school. You finished year 12, maybe you had a Gap Year if you were lucky, you went to university and then you got a job.

Now, well, you know what kids are dealing with. The world is changing so quickly. Digital disruption. Automation. Innovation. Globalisation. Competition. And definitely no more jobs for life. It is a new world of work.

A new world requires new solutions, new thinking, and that’s what Global Game Changers is about.

Many traditional higher education programs have not yet evolved to offer real world skills and insights, these degrees are for creators, for innovators, for those students determined to make a new way in a new world.

Studied largely online (with industry events), Global Game Changers is delivered by Ducere Global Business School in partnership with the University of Canberra (ranked among the top 2% of universities worldwide*).

Global Game Changers is a ground-breaking program that combines earning a university degree with overseas entrepreneurial and leadership experiences in Asia and the US.

Simon Spencer, the founder and CEO of EdgeLabs and Dúcere Global Leaders faculty member says, “The generation of people coming through now need skills to reinvent themselves; to create their own job not just find a job.”

These degrees are focused on giving students the opportunity to develop the enterprise skills that will help them succeed in a new world of work, and help them to create the career – and the life – they want.

It’s for innovators. For creators. For those who want to stand out to leading organisations to secure the premium graduate job. And for those who are still unsure of where they want to end up – but who are open to self-discovery and building a skillset valuable for the future.

*Ranked top 2% in 2018 World University Rankings, 2018 QS World Rankings

  • "Global Game Changers recognises an area that’s lacking in traditional education." Melinda Williams, Careers Advisor, Parade College

“I’m still unsure what I want to do.  But I love that this program is teaching me the key skills to help me in any industry.”

Connor – Global Game Changers Student

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  • How much does it cost?

    As with all higher education programs through public universities, fees are set by the Commonwealth Government. HECS-HELP is available to eligible Australian citizens and certain others.

    • In 2017 the total fee for Global Game Changers Bachelors is $39,000*, or with a Commonwealth supported place $31,000
    • The travel components are also available through OS HELP Loans. In 2018, the total fee for the two overseas study tours is $13,000.
  • Is it a recognised Bachelor Degree?

    The degrees are delivered by Ducere Global Business School in Partnership with the University of Canberra (ranked in top 2% of universities worldwide*). So you get the best of academic rigour and access to HECS-Help along with the innovation, industry faculty and disruption of a renowned business school.
    Global Game Changers are students of the University of Canberra (with a student card, email address etc) but without the need to be on-campus. The degree when completed, will be awarded by this leading institution, recognised globally.
    In addition, because there are NO EXAMS, students work on real projects building a portfolio of work-related documents (eg social media strategy, marketing plans, business strategies, product ideas) which any employer would be incredibly impressed by. Global Game Changers will stand out in the market when applying for roles, or when getting help to launch their business start up.

  • Entry requirements?

    There are 3 possible entry pathways into Global Game Changers:

    1. ATAR of 60+ (or State equivalent); or
    2. 2 years full-time work experience; or
    3. Another completed tertiary qualification

    Each application is assessed on a case by case basis – a benefit of direct application.

    NB: English proficiency is assessed and a requirement for entry to the degrees.

  • How much interaction will the students have?

    Global Game Changers have unlimited opportunities to collaborate across all projects and also socially, using the modern technologies available through online virtual classrooms, webinars, and messenger capabilities – just as are available in the working world today.

    Live course kick-offs, workshops, networking and industry events are held regularly in all major Australian Cities.

  • How does this degree make someone more employable?

    Most degrees focus on academic learning: you learn a whole lot of content, memorise that content, regurgitate it for exams then get a grade (usually with little or no feedback). That’s not how people learn best. Nor is it how things happen in the real world of work. Who sits exams in their job???

    Global Game Changers accesses a faculty of industry professionals to share stories and learnings from the real world – not a classroom. Students get to focus on learning entrepreneurial skills like problem solving, critical thinking, digital literacy, collaboration, teamwork and communication – things which apply to just about any role.

    There are no exams. Just real assignments which either build a student’s own business or to any industry or company they’re most interested in. By the end of their degree, they’ve built a portfolio of real work-related deliverables which any employer would be impressed by – so much more than just a piece of paper with a set of grades. That’s what makes Global Game Changers stand out over and above students from a more traditional academic-based degree.  It’s what’s truly relevant to industry.

  • What industries do these degrees make students ready for?

    Any industry. Global Game Changers is broad-based skills-focused, and employers value and require these skills for their organisations.

    Obviously, if someone hoping to enter a specialist industry, they’d need to complete the specialist qualification (eg engineering, law, medicine etc) for an opportunity to apply. In these cases, doing Global Game Changers as a double-degree would help students stand out to employers, with a portfolio of industry-relevant work and develop enterprise skills.

    Interested in learning more about Enterprise Skills? Check out this report by the Foundation for Young Australians on the topic.

    The New Work Mindset

  • Can it be done as a double degree?

    YES, absolutely!

    A number of our students are taking Game Changers with other degrees from other universities. A student may need to study a technical degree to practice in areas such as engineering, medicine and law. However, by combining with Global Game Changers, they’re learning skills; project skills, problem-solving and critical thinking and the ability to collaborate on real-world team assignments. So they’re building a set of entrepreneurial skills which can apply to any role. This gives them an employment edge when competing for a limited number of graduate roles – or, it helps you develop the skills to run your own business or start-up. Remember there’s no exams and no set class times – you work on real projects and flexibly around all your other life priorities.