Global Game Changers Program

Degree Highlights
  • Get an applied degree from a leading university (ranked top 2% worldwide*) in partnership with an innovative business school
  • Develop industry-sought enterprise skills focused on critical thinking, problem solving, entrepreneurship, and innovation
  • No exams – work on real projects for your own business or one you’re passionate about (discover and be creative)
  • Gain a global university experience with course components based in Asia and the US (OS-HELP available for eligible applicants)
  • Learn from an elite industry faculty of world leaders including Presidents, PM’s, Nobel Laureates, CEOs, philanthropists and entrepreneurs
  • Complete your degree in as little as two years through our accelerated trimester pathway
  • Access Commonwealth supported places and HECS-HELP for eligible applicants
  • "It really fits my lifestyle. It’s applied to my business and what I want to." Hannah - Global Game Changers Student
What is the Global Game Changers Degree?

These are degrees for creators, for innovators; for those who are still unsure about exactly what they want to do, and for those who are certain, for students just about to finish Year 12, for those studying another degree that doesn’t feel quite right and for others already in the workforce who are seeking something more.

Global Game Changers is delivered by Dúcere Global Business School, in partnership with the University of Canberra (top 2% of universities worldwide*), are ground-breaking programs that combine earning a university degree with overseas entrepreneurial and leadership experiences in Asia and the US.

  • "I can travel AND get a degree, this is great!" Barbara - Global Game Changers Student

In their first year, students will travel through Asia on a leadership development expedition and gain entrepreneurial insights into the world’s biggest consumer markets.

In their second it’s off to Silicon Valley for an immersion experience in the thick of the world’s greatest startup ecosystem.

Global Game Changers presents students with unique and relevant opportunities not offered by traditional tertiary institutions. Freedom. Flexibility. Travel. Insights from a global faculty of industry leaders. No exams, just real projects and the potential to complete their degree in two years.


Global Game Changers gives students the skills, knowledge, insight, self-discovery and real-world experience to stand out in the graduate recruitment market or to even start their own business; to not merely find a job but to create their own job. It is a degree that reflects the times we live in.

*Ranked top 2% in 2018 World University Rankings, 2018 QS World Rankings

The world is changing. It’s time to be a Global Game Changer.

Become the next Global Game Changer

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