This video offers an overview of the Global Game Changers program followed by a Q&A with two current Global Game Changers students.
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  • Who is the certification from? Is it a full degree? And will it gain me entry into a post graduate degree at another University?

    The degrees are awarded by the University of Canberra (UC), ranked top 2% of universities worldwide (2018 QS World University Rankings).

    The Global Game Changers pathway is offered through 4 applied degrees.
    University of Canberra Bachelor of Applied Entrepreneurship 334JA
    University of Canberra Bachelor of Applied Entrepreneurship (Social Entrepreneurship) 335JA
    University of Canberra Bachelor of Applied Business (Management) 332JA
    University of Canberra Bachelor of Applied Business (Marketing) 333JA

    Graduates are able to apply to postgraduate courses within the University of Canberra as well as other institutions provided that their bachelor degree meets the entry requirements of the postgraduate course.

  • Do I have to live in Canberra?

    No, students do not need to live in Canberra to complete the degree. It doesn’t matter where you live in Australia – the entire course content and delivery is available through the sophisticated online learning portal.  Learning materials are available entirely online and are therefore accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. Guest speaker events and webinars are also accessible online.

    In today’s day and age, we have the technology to break down borders and allow anyone to study from anywhere, using simply internet access.  This also improves collaboration since you connect with other students, and even faculty regardless of where you or they are located.

  • What are the dates?

    There are two Global Game Changers intakes per year, commencing in early February and early June. Students undertake three 16-week trimesters over 2 years, covering the full 24 units (subjects), studying up to 2-units at any one time.

  • When do I need to apply?

    Applications are open throughout the year, with closing dates usually two weeks before commencement.

    Current Year 12 students can apply through GGC to commence the following year and will also need to complete a UAC application.

  • How long has this degree been running?

    The degrees have been running since July 2015. Over the past couple years Ducere and the University of Canberra have practiced agility and flexibility improving the program experience every single term. The first group of students graduated at the beginning of 2017, and 30% of this group have gone on to study postgraduate programs.

    In response to rapidly changing industry needs from increased automation and collaboration from digital disruption, Ducere Global Business School in partnership with the University of Canberra created an offering of Australia’s most industry-relevant degrees (NB: Ducere Global Business School were finalists in the 2017 Australian Financial Review’s Award for Industry Engagement).

  • What have previous graduates gone on to do after the course? What are the job opportunities?

    Understandably graduate prospects will always vary. In our experience some students have gone on to receive promotions within their workplaces whereas others have elected to take on further study. It’s more important to note that opportunities often arise during the program, for example students have taken completed assignments to earn venture funding from investors.

  • Will I be able to study another bachelor qualification at another university at the same time?

    Online delivery of the program allows students the flexibility to take on additional studies. This is advantageous for students looking to formalise their expertise in other fields. It is important to consider the increased time pressure and extra fee requirement of studying two degrees concurrently before making this decision. There is also a possibility that the travel dates will overlap with other institutions’ key dates, but students will learn the travel dates well in advance to make contingency arrangements where required.

  • Can you utilize HECS for two undergraduate courses at the same time?

    It will depend on your study history and program cost as there is a limit to the loan. Please seek more information related to your specific situation via the Study Assist website.

  • What do we do on the travel expeditions?

    Year 1 in Asia is mainly focused around leadership, teamwork and collaboration.  Year 2 in Silicon Valley is focused around starting a business or launching a new idea, and it’s also about presenting and pitching ideas.

    It’s the best time to personally meet all the other game changers from around the country who are all working on unique and interesting projects.

  • What are the requirements for attending the travel expeditions?

    Any student enrolled in the degree is eligible to attend the overseas travel expeditions, which occur from (currently) mid-November to early-mid December. However, to apply for OS-Help to fund the expeditions, students must meet the eligibility criteria including having completed at least 8 units (24 credit points) in Australia before each expedition.

  • Is the cost for overseas travel included in the HECS?

    Students can instead access a loan scheme called OS-HELP as HECS-HELP is reserved for tuition fee payments. Students must meet eligibility requirements to access OS-HELP. These requirements are listed on the Study Assist website.

  • What is the required workload? How many hours are required per week?

    While there are no set class times and no exams, the degree still demands commitment and attention to completing the learning and required assessment tasks. The University of Canberra prescribes 150 hours per unit of study. Every student will use their time differently, and it is part of learning journey to establish this.

  • What is the online support like for study?

    Students can expect reliable and personalised support from the Ducere team. Operating separately from the University of Canberra Student Centre (who are also available for administrative support), the Support team are available through phone, email, and the Learning Management System. The team provides pastoral, administrative support and coursework support to a certain extent. Full coursework support is provided by teaching academic staff members who are also available through multiple channels.

  • What coursework support is available?

    Every unit is led by a dedicated University of Canberra academic. Students can expect to be taught be academics with relevant qualifications, and more importantly, have strong industry experience to share. This is in line with the applied nature of the programs.  

  • Who are the Global Leaders Faculty?

    The Global Leaders Faculty is an integral resource students gain access to upon enrolment. Faculty members include CEOs, political leaders, Nobel Prize winners amongst other impressive personalities. These members impart their knowledge through bite-sized interviews. Students are encouraged to reference the quotes of these leaders in their assignments and apply the knowledge to their own ventures.

  • What is the cost for course materials?

    There is no additional course material fee required to complete units in the program. Students are provided everything they need to succeed through the Learning Management System and University of Canberra library database.

  • Are students invited to any industry events hosted by Ducere?

    Enrolled students will always be prioritised in Ducere-hosted events. Students can expect to be invited to attend at least one event free of charge every study period. The location of the events rotate between the major cities around Australia, and any travel fees involved need to be covered by the student.


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