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Bachelor of Applied Business (Marketing) – 333JA

Awarding Institute: University of Canberra
Degree Highlights
  • Get an applied degree from a leading university (ranked top 2% worldwide) in partnership with an innovative business school
  • Develop industry-sought enterprise skills focused on critical thinking, problem solving, entrepreneurship, and innovation
  • No exams – work on real projects for your own business or one you’re passionate about (discover and be creative), building a portfolio of real work deliverables
  • Learn from an elite industry faculty of world leaders including Presidents, PM’s, Nobel Laureates, CEOs, philanthropists and entrepreneurs
  • Complete your degree in as little as two years, with only two units every 8 weeks
  • Access Commonwealth supported places and HECS-HELP for eligible applicants
  • "I really enjoy having this global faculty that I can instantly connect to." Connor - Global Game Changers Student

Are you a can-do person, analytical, someone who sees opportunities others don’t, do you want to work with brands that make big things happen? A Bachelor of Applied Business (Marketing) may be for you.

The Bachelor of Applied Business (Marketing), delivered by Ducere Global Business School in partnership with the University of Canberra, is an immersive online learning experience combined with a practical, industry-relevant assessment model.


This degree teaches the marketing that matters. It matters in the now and it matters for the rapidly changing future.

A degree such as this will arm you with skills to analyse markets, devise campaigns and to create content that works. You’ll learn how to develop and design winning strategies for the digital marketplace, to use social media to drive customer engagement, and identify growth opportunities to build compelling brands. In short, you’ll develop the skills that business owners and employers need today.

  • "You get exposure not just to people in the industry, but to the right people in the industry." Barbara - Global Game Changers Student

A degree like this, focused on giving you real world outcomes, has to include real world learning so there are no exams – instead you’ll develop an industry-relevant project portfolio as part of your degree. And you’ll attend industry events with our course innovation partners including KPMG, NAB, PwC, and Telstra.

You’ll learn from over 250 Dúcere Global Leaders – including former presidents, prime ministers, Nobel Prize winners, business leaders and startup pioneers – rather than traditional academics who can sometimes feel removed from the new world of business.


Integrated online support is always only a click away.

The Bachelor of Applied Business (Marketing) is awarded by the University of Canberra – ranked in the top 2% of universities worldwide*.

*Ranked top 2% in 2018 World University Rankings, 2018 QS World Rankings

Global Game Changers – Be part of something great. Create your own future.

Key Details

  • Key Study Areas
    • Sales, Marketing and Campaign Management
    • Leadership and Management
    • Digital Marketing and Media
    • Brand Development and Marketing Strategy
    • Innovation and Design
    • Stakeholder Management
    • Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
  • Core Graduate Skills
    • Design effective strategies for the digital marketplace
    • Utilize social media to drive meaningful customer engagement
    • Develop compelling brands and rapid rebranding strategies
    • Identify growth opportunities in relevant markets
    • Create empowering and inclusive content.
  • Entry Criteria
    • ATAR of 60 or higher or
    • Completed Certificate III qualification or higher or
    • 2+ years relevant work experience
  • Study Mode

    Online through a dedicated platform

  • Assessment


    Your assessment will be split 80% through Applied Assessments and 20% through Multiple-Choice Quizzes

  • Payment Options

    The Bachelor of Applied Business (Marketing) is available through HECS-HELP for eligible Australian citizens and certain others (see

  • Who is it from?

    The Bachelor of Applied Business (Marketing) – 333JA is delivered by Ducere Global Business School in partnership with the Univerity of Canberra

    CRICOS number: University of Canberra / University of Canberra College #00212K